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By checking this box, you are verifying that you have read the rules, regulations, waiver and release information. You also understand that playing in sports activities can result in injury and that all the information you have provided is true.

Players 17 years of age or younger will need to provide written permission from a parent or guardian to participate on any of the tournament dates published.

By Submitting the online form, registering and/or having name listed, it is understood that all signed or listed have read and will comply with the rules of the Central Montana Shootout. 

Participants in the Wild West Hoopfest Youth 3 on 3 Tournament or the Central Montana Shootout Basketball High School Tournament assume and acknowledge the unavoidable risks inherent in playing and watching basketball, including, but not limited to, bodily injury and physical harm to the participants and spectators. 

By registering his/her team, the Registrant represents that he/she has the legal authority to act on behalf of his/her teammates and their heirs, legal representatives, and assigns. 

This release is meant to be a full and complete release to any and all Central Montana Shootout LLC Parties from any and all liability that may arise from the Registrant's or his/her teammates' participation in the Central Montana Wild West Hoopfest Youth 3on3 and/or the Central Montana Shootout High School Tournament. 

This release is given freely and voluntarily by the Registrant, his/her team members, and their heirs, legal representatives, and assigns and is meant to remain in existence throughout the duration of the Tournaments. 
Make Payment Online
Make Payment Online
Youth 3 on 3 Team
Wild West Hoopfest Team Registration
Send Check in the Mail
Please make checks payable and mail to:
Central Montana Shootout, LLC
P.O. Box 222
Stanford, MT 59479

For additional information or questions, please feel free to contact us.
The Boys and Girls Youth Team registration entry fee is $60.00 per team if registered and pre-paid by March 10, 2018. The registration fee will be $75.00 thereafter. Teams will be placed on the brackets on a first come, first served registration basis. 

Deadline: Teams will need to be registered by March 20, 2018 @ 5PM for guaranteed entry and participation.
Players and Coaches of the 1st place team in each grade group and division will receive a Tournament Prize.
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